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  • Unlimited Products
  • 1 Staff Login
  • 1100+ Update Courses
  • 12h Technical Support
  • 1 month access all classes

[/cws_sc_pricing_plan][/vc_column_inner][vc_column_inner width=”1/4″][cws_sc_pricing_plan price=”78.97″ use_custom_color=”1″ custom_color=”#18bb7c” add_button=”1″ title=”Premium” currency=”$” price_desc=”Lifetime access” button_text=”Subscribe” button_url=”″]

  • Unlimited Products
  • 4 Staff Login
  • 1200+ Update Courses
  • 6h Technical Support
  • Access all classes forever

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Read before purchasing


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Step 1:

  • Choose membership level that you prefer, click on (SUBSCRIBE) button and you will be redirected to our store on (Third Party Shopping Cart – safe payment) where you will have option to enter email, username and password.


Step 2:

  • Right after purchasing, you will receive confirmation email with registration link, so that you can complete a registration on our site.


Account Access

  • Right after you complete registration, you will have access to all courses download links.



  • This are digital downloads, and we reserve rights not to refund you, and we can win all cases.

    If you want a refund, simply contact us and ask for a refund, and we will refund you.

    If you open a dispute or you request for a chargeback we will NOT refund you.

  • Refund 80% due to 20% paperwork cost.

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  • Monthly – Enjoy our site for one Month! No auto charge.
  • Lifetime – One-Time-Payment, Access to all download links for life, the Best Option!

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