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Michael E. Gerber – Radical U 2019 True Passive Income

July28, 2019
by megaboss

2019 True Passive Income

Welcome To Radical U

Go Beyond E-Myth with Michael E. Gerber in the only Trade School for Entrepreneurs. Follow the proven 8 step business building system used by the most successful entrepreneurs.

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The 2 Most Common Problems Entrepreneurs Face

When your business idea starts as an exciting opportunity but then takes over your life…

The Entrepreneurial Trap

You’ve created your own personal prison, called a small business; over worked, underpaid, with a big serving of daily stress and feeling exhausted instead of fulfilled. It feels more like a job than a business and you can’t just walk away.

  • Working 70 – 80 hours  per week

  • Experiencing overwhelm
  • High stress and anxiety
  • Little or no vacation time
  • Constantly putting out fires
  • Can’t find good help

All you really want is the madness to stop! This wasn’t supposed to be the American Nightmare…it’s supposed to be the American Dream!

The Chicken and Egg Syndrome

You’ve hit a plateau in revenue and stayed there for a few years. You want your revenue to jump up 2X, 3X or higher but that requires more employees, more equipment or morerevenue. Each one is risky to try so which comes first?

  • Fluctuating sales i.e. feast or famine

  • Struggling to hit payroll
  • Can’t scale the business
  • Stuck in the “Technician+Manager” role
  • Not dominating your market
  • Can’t afford to re-invest for growth

This isn’t exactly working like you thought it would. Can’t you just get a Do-Over? What in the world does it take to get this thing you do right?!?

How to build your business so it won’t ruin your life.

The Ultimate Entrepreneurial Business Building System

Join Michael E. Gerber’s business trade school for ‘action takers’. As you learn by doing the work of each step in Michael E. Gerber’s ONE-OF-A-KIND, Eight-Fold-Step-Enterprise-Development-System, you’ll become the entrepreneur you were always meant to be.

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  • Step 1: Finding Your DREAM

    Michael E. Gerber has spent his life pursuing his DREAM “To transform the state of small business worldwide” and here we will help you find your DREAM.

  • Step 2: Creating Your VISION

    With your DREAM in hand, you follow the path to discover your VISION for your new company, to realize your DREAM.

  • Step 3: Knowing Your PURPOSE

    With the help of Radical U™, you will formulate the profound impact your company intends to have on your most important customer.

  • Step 4: Declaring Your MISSION

    The Mission is the heart of the entire 8-fold process. Your Mission is to invent the stunningly effective Operating System at the heart of your growing enterprise.

  • Step 5: Your Fulfillment SYSTEM

    It’s time to go to work ON your company of One to create your Client Fulfillment System so that it’s documented and scalable. It helps you structure what you deliver to your customer or client so you can replicate yourself with other people to do it, rather than just you. Just-you is a job. Just-them is an enterprise.

  • Step 6: Your CLIENT Acquisition SYSTEM

    It’s time to wrap your head around attracting a flood of new clients to deliver it to. Your Client Acquisition System, is a three legged stool: Your Lead Generation, Lead Conversion, and Client Fulfillment System. Or what Michael E. Gerber calls Your Franchise Prototype! Your Core Operating System of your ready-to-scale growing Business.

  • Step 7: Your Turn-Key MANAGEMENT SYSTEM

    What’s a Business. It’s Your Franchaise Prototype times Seven. Seven Three Legged Stools, plus a Turn-key Management System.

  • Step 8: Your Turn-Key LEADERSHIP SYSTEM

    It’s a System which every aspiring Manager can master to become an inspirational Leader. It’s Your Business multiplied Seven Times. Seven Turn-Key Businesses, operating as McDonald’s does.

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