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Jason Capital – High Income Coach 2019 True Passive Income

April19, 2019
by megaboss

2019 True Passive Income

Discover The Fastest Way To An Extra $50,000 – $150,000 In Only 2 Hours Per Day Without Writing Emails…

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And the best businesses gives people exactly what they want. That’s why there is such roaring demand for certified High-Income Coaches. So if you’re ready to get:

  • A hands-on mentorship by The High-Income Expert, Jason Capital
  • A continuous stream of ready-to-pay clients fed to you every week
  • The most valuable High-Income Skill you can make money with forever
  • A high-income as much as $25,000 a month helping people doing work you actually love

And a proven path to the First-Class Freedom Life. Then this is for you. If this doesn’t sound like you, then you can stop reading here. I only want positive-minded, ambitious people who are going to help our clients and do good work.


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HOW TO GUARANTEE AMAZING RESULTS FOR YOUR CLIENTS WITH MY HIGH-INCOME COACHING MINDSET You already have what it takes to make a huge difference in people’s lives as their High-Income coach. You just need to clarity on the Commandments that guide us to always do the right thing for our clients. This is the week that you’ll learn the secrets to being a world-class coach who delivers incredible results for their clients.


THE DONE-FOR-YOU HIGH-INCOME COACHING TOOLS SO EACH SESSION YOU LOOK LIKE A GENIUS AND YOU CHANGE YOUR CLIENTS LIFE The High-Income Tools are our secret sauce as High-Income Coaches, they’re why we don’t need to be earning a high-income yet at all to be a successful High-Income Coach – the tools do the teaching for us. Imagine never wondering what to say or do with your clients because you won’t – the Tools have been designed to do all the heavy lifting for us. After coaching nearly 1 million people, I’ve boiled this down to a system, and in this week I’m going to lay it all out for you.


THE SCIENCE OF MAGIC COACHING SESSIONS TO DRIVE BIG RESULTS EVEN FASTER Did you think the world’s top coaches go into each session, wondering, “I hope I’ll know what to do here?” Of course not! The world’s best know you never leave it to chance. I’ll show you my formula to guarantee a MAGIC Coaching Session every time. My top clients paid me $66,000 for this training. You’re getting it at a fraction of what they paid and you’ll be successfully implementing the minute we’re done.


THE HIGH-INCOME COACHING METHODOLOGY TO BUILDING AUTHORITY ONLINE EVEN IF NO ONE KNOWS WHO YOU ARE What’s the biggest difference between your local marriage counselor and Dr. Phil? It’s not that Dr. Phil is any better as an advisor, it’s Dr. Phil gets paid $50,000 an hour while your local counselor gets $50 an hour. Why? Because Dr. Phil has the power of Authority behind his brand. I’ll teach you my system to building massive authority online in only 1 week. You’ll never have to convince anyone of your expertise or prices again because they’ll be the one climbing to the top of the hill to work with you.


MY MOUSETRAP MODEL TO MAKE NEW PROSPECTS LINE UP EVERY WEEK TO WORK WITH YOU Using my Mousetrap Model, we’ll have new prospects lining up every week begging to work with you as their High-Income Coach. This model has allowed me to sell more than 41 MILLION DOLLARS of coaching services and products in the last 6 years. With it, you’ll never have to chase or pursue clients again.


THE DONE-FOR-YOUR EXPERT ELIXIR TO CEMENT YOUR AUTHORITY AND MAKE CLIENTS HUNGRY FOR YOUR PREMIUM SERVICES Tony Robbins. Dr. Phil. Suze Orman. These are some of the highest-paid coaches and advisors on the planet. What do they all have in common? They’re all published authors! Whether it be books, articles, interviews or otherwise, their words are published and read by millions. This week I’ll show you how to do the same and make it so every reader of yours feels compelled to reach out to you for High-Income Coaching.


ROLEPLAY’S AND MONEY: THE MOST POWERFUL CLOSING SCRIPT EVER My friends and I have closed over $60 Million Dollars using this incredibly powerful Closing Script. I’ve never shared it with anyone, you’ll be first. And the best part? The entire script fits on ONE PAGE. You’ll roleplay the Script with myself and other students this week so you feel comfortable reading these magic words. With this Script, you will always have the ability to close anyone for money. With this Script, you’ll never have to worry about money or going back to a job again. This Script is worth the investment of the entire High-Income Coach Certification many times over. Maybe the most important week of the entire Certification!


MY DONE-FOR-YOU EMAIL SCRIPTS TO tAKE LEADS AND PROSPECTS, NO MATTER HOW HOT OR COLD, AND FLIP THEM INTO HAPPY, PAYING CLIENTS It’s well-documented I’m one of the best email copywriters on the planet, if not the best. I’ve used simple little emails to make millions so this week, I’ll walk you through my email psychology and then hand you all of my best-selling email scripts. Copy-and-Paste these emails to turn leads and prospects, not matter how cold or hot, into happy, paying clients


THE 3-DAY A WEEK, 6-FIGURE HIGH-INCOME COACHING BUSINESS Now that you’re delivering incredible results for your clients and have a continuous stream of new clients filling your pipeline, it’s time to install the 3-Day Workweek. I’ll teach you the tools I give to my private clients so they work only 3-days a week and have the rest of the week stress-free to themselves to do whatever they please.


THE CHAMPIONSHIP WEEK – THIS IS WHEN YOU START CLOSING AND COACHING YOUR FIRST HIGH-PAYING CLIENTS AS A CERTIFIED HIGH-INCOME COACH™ By this week, you’ll be ready to help REAL life clients with your High-Income Training who will be paying you REAL money to be their High-Income Coach™. In this week, if you do well, you will EASILY cover your investment into the High-Income Coach Certification Program. In fact, you will likely make your investment back AND THEN SOME. The best performers this week will get multiple, paying clients handed to them by me and my team. This week you’ll also get 25 high-quality leads to use my Clients On-Demand Script on and convert many of them into your first, high-paying clients too. This is a week and accomplishment to be recognized and celebrated, so we’ll have some fun and surprises this week too.

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