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Elise Darma – InstaGrowth Boss (UPDATED) 2019 True Passive Income

September20, 2019
by megaboss

2019 True Passive Income

What if you could have your best month ever.

All with a free app and a 1,000 targeted followers?

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Swipe the strategies I’ve used to grow my client accounts to over 250,000 cumulative followers…

…and generate over $907,331.49 in tracked revenue to businesses.

Life after InstaGrowth Boss means…

Attracting dream followers and customers

(without it dominating your entire day and life).

Earning money directly from Instagram

so that your income gets a sweet boost.

Being seen as an expert in your field

(so you can finally raise your prices with confidence).

Getting paid to have new life experiences

all while your business continues to grow.

Flexibility and the freedom to be wherever you want to be

…including on your couch in your PJs!

Here are a few ways Instagram has changed my business and life.

Two businesses making over 6-figures – all from 250,000 followers curated and grown for clients and over 70,000 followers on my personal account.
Free press features by Forbes and, resulting in more sales to my business and a much-needed raise in my prices (without feeling like a fraud).
Over 400 days spent working abroad in places like Bali, Spain, and Hawaii—and my Instagram-based business covered 100% of my travel expenses.
Free travelaccommodation and products, freeing up more revenue to spend on ads, office equipment and contractors for my biz.

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When you enroll in InstaGrowth Boss, you GET…

Step-By-Step Video Tutorials

  • Watch the step-by-step video explanations and how-to tutorials
  • Learn how to build a solid brand on Instagram and GROW
  • Monetize that targeted growth to boost your income

Done-For-You Templates + Workbooks

  • Done-for-you templates to copy and paste for your email pitches
  • Workbooks to put your learnings into practice ASAP
  • Quick-learn guides (AKA cheat sheets!) for those who prefer to read the lessons than watch the videos

5-Part Email Sequence Template

  • 5-part email sequence for your Mailchimp or ConvertKit account… that you can literally copy and paste to welcome new subscribers to your business
  • Includes where to add in your own brand and story
  • This sequence is invaluable to nurturing new subscribers who’ve just joined your mailing list –– and to lead them to a sale

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