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Dan Lok – Perfect Closing Script 2019 True Passive Income

July20, 2019
by megaboss

2019 True Passive Income

If Old School Sales Techniques Don’t Work As Well As They Used To, What Do You Do?

Forbes put it perfectly.

“The Antithesis Of “Old School Sales” Is The Key To Success.” -Forbes

Don’t try to be better than your competition. Be different.

If you try to be better, your customers and clients will put you in the same category as your competitors.

That means you can only be as valuable as your competitors.

So you have to compete on price, features, benefits, and service (which we know doesn’t work anymore).

But when you can be wildly different in the way you sell, there will be much less resistance from your prospect.

You don’t have to change the product or service or anything about what you’re selling. All that needs to be tweaked is HOW you sell it.

So How Do You Gain A Massive Competitive Advantage?

Stop making these traditional “sales-killing” mistakes NOW:
  • Don’t take prospect objections at face value (P.S. prospects lie!)
  • Don’t be aggressive, pushy, slimy, and unethical
  • Don’t try to sell prospects on features and benefits
  • Don’t give the prospect control of the sales conversation
  • ​Don’t be scared to ask for BIG money
Do the opposite of these things, and you’ll close more deals in less time with less effort. Your prospects will chase you because:
  • You’ll see their objections for what they really are and handle them masterfully… instead of giving into their excuses and losing the sale
  • You’ll be different from your competition because you actually care
  • You’ll let the prospects sell themselves on your product or service (crazy, I know!)
  • You’ll take control of the sales conversation
  • ​You’ll ask for BIG money if you think your product is what’s best for them
You’re smart enough to know that the secret here is to do the opposite of old-school sales advice.

1. Finding your prospect’s pain.

2. Helping them come to the conclusion that you are the right person with the rightsolution to their problem.


The Perfect Closing Script

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I developed this script because I was burned out doing calls by myself and needed to build a team.

Using this 3-step new-school script, my team of 78 closers are rarely doing any follow-up because they frequently get one-call closes!

My top closer, Joel, is closing $2,500 deals and has a 45% closing rate.

He talks to just 30-35 prospects a week, and makes anywhere from $5K-$9K a month.

When Joel isn’t closing deals, he’s spending time with his wife, Jayden.

They love to travel, try new restaurants, and work out together.

Here’s the deal:

It’s NOT just my internal team that crushes sales today with these scripts!

Look at how my other students are crushing it with these scripts.

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They’re no longer wasting time on the phone, most prospects are closed in one call, and there’s very little follow up. The rest of the time they’re doing what they want.

This word-for-word script is what’s working right now in sales.

You’ll consistently feel the rush and power that comes from closing more deals in a fraction of the time…

And you’ll feel the confidence knowing you can close anyone, anytime…

WITHOUT resorting to the old-school “used car-salesman” tactics

WITHOUT being slimy, pushy, or unethical

WITHOUT using any of the “101 ways to close a deal” that just don’t work anymore

This Script Takes The New Method Of Sales And Puts It Into An Easy-To-Follow 3-Step Blueprint

With the script, you’ll…
  • ​Finally say goodbye to tire-kickers…
    ​Put an end to BS objections…
    ​Protect yourself from needless & unwanted rejection…
    ​Stop having to follow-up with unanswered phone calls and emails…
    ​Have the freedom to do what you want, with whom you want and when you want!

What would one more deal per month do for your life?

What about one more deal per week?

Or per day?

Can you imagine how much better your life will be when you’re in complete control over your income?

Would you have more time to:
  • ​Play more video games while sipping on a cold one?
  • ​Spend more time with your family or friends?
  • ​Travel and get out of the office?

And wouldn’t you have more spare time to relax and do what makes you happy instead of work, work, work?

Would you be able to take your mind off of quotas, targets, and the constant rejection you probably experience?

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